Sophie Schwarz

Yoga has been the key part in Sophie’s life for four years now. What started as a new year’s resolution to commit a whole entire month to practicing yoga daily, she found herself finally awake with a passion she never felt before and has not stopped practicing since. Born and raised in Austria, Sophie moved to the Central Coast three years ago to be with her partner. Throughout the process of finding herself again and the pain of homesickness, the only steady thing in her life was her Yoga practice so she decided to follow this path and do her 200 hour Teacher Training in Bali where she then fell in love even deeper with the yogic philosophy, meditation and the spiritual aspects of Yoga practice.
She has been taught in Vinyasa and Yin Yoga and is passionate about nature, the moon and encouraging people to carve out more time for themselves and focusing on sending love inwards first, so they may then share it with the people in their life.
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