Jacqui Farrell

Jacqui fell in love with yoga over 20 years ago where she was drawn to the physical benefits of strength and flexibility that yoga provides. However, as her practice deepened and became more consistent, she observed a shift in her mindset. Jacqui noticed an increased sense of calm and contentment within herself.
Jacqui had a major accident 10 years ago which left her with chronic pain. During her recovery she was forced to slow down, let go of how she 'should' practice and respond to her body's changing needs. Jacqui provides a nurturing environment where students are encouraged to practice in a way that honours their individual needs. Her classes focus on the connection of mind, body and breath, utilising Asana, Pranayama and Meditation. At times yogis will flow thorough dynamic movement, while still having a chance to find stillness and turn our focus inward as we hold poses. Jacqui completed her 500 hour teacher training at the Yoga Institute Sydney whose teachings are based on T. Krishnamacharya. She has also completed her pre- and post-natal training with Bliss Baby Yoga. Through teaching yoga, Jacqui hopes to empower yogis to practice in an authentic way that meets their individual needs. When Jacqui is not teaching she is spending time in nature, in her veggie patch or spending time with family
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