Arjanna Van Kan

Ten years ago, the Srilankan born and bred Arjanna first fell in love with the dynamic movements and “stretching” sensation that entailed the physical practice (asana) of yoga to compliment her then busy career as a Medical Scientist and avid road-cycling. Like many others, as she spent more time on her mat, it became clear to her that what kept her coming back went far beyond a healthy body. She discovered that the eight-limbed path of yoga had an incredible way of silencing the noise in her mind and increasing her ability to make decisions in her life keeping the best interest of her body and mind at heart.
Expect to flow, sweat and breathe your worries away in Arjanna’s classes. She works in a step-by-step way (kramic) towards at least one offering that challenges the comfort zone in her Vinyasa classes, and guides her students towards connecting deeply with their physical body and mind. Ultimately, through the eight-limbed path of yoga, she hopes to impart awareness of body, breath and self, to empower her students to find their own authentic way of being both on and off the mat. Arjanna takes inspiration from the Ayurvedic and Hindu teachings from her roots in the Indian Subcontinent, and her teachers : Noelle Connolly’s intelligent sequencing, Maty Ezraty’s passion for moving mindfully with correct alignment and energetic teachings from Simon Park and healers she has crossed paths with around the world.
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