Why Yoga?

Yoga, explained simply, means union – union of the mind, body and spirit. It is not associated with any particular religion, creed or group. Rather, it is an ancient holistic science – dating back some 5,000 years or more – that honours all people as one and as equal. Through movement and postures, breath work and meditation, yoga is designed to bring your mind, body and spirit together in harmony.

When your day demands you to show up, speak out, act, listen and give to family, friends and work, you equally need to find time to slow down, be quiet, reflect, introspect and recalibrate so you can do it all again tomorrow.

Yoga gives you the permission to be with yourself.


When we are physically and emotionally depleted, stress-related problems such as insomnia, digestive, respiratory and nervous disorders start to arise. Yoga strengthens the body and calms the mind, increasing mental clarity, aiding concentration and steadying emotions, bringing awareness and the ability to be still, which isn’t easy in our fast-paced society. Yoga is the antidote to highway life!

Yoga creates a physical and mental climate to help you become more in tune with yourself. Through the breath (pranayama), the body’s innate intelligence in postures (asana) and the awareness of the mind, the three eventually become one.

Some yoga asanas deepen concentration and take the mind inward. Others uplift and encourage emotional openness and vitality. Yoga enhances clarity, optimism and inspiration. And then on a deeper level, yoga works to cultivate inner peace and contentment with where you are, exactly now.

Yoga supports you to restore balance and quality of life so you feel more like you again.

P.S. “I regret going to yoga,” said no one, ever!

Yoga for Connection, Community & Contribution
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