Terms & Conditions

Pass freezes and extensions

Please note that there are no freezes or extensions on class passes.

Returns and refunds

All passes are non-refundable. In the case of illness or injury, please talk to the studio owner.


If you can’t make your booking, please cancel 2 hours before so you can re-book for a more appropriate time. If you do not cancel within 2 hours, you will forfeit your class credit unfortunately.

Concession prices

A valid concessional ID includes 65 years+ Centrelink Health Benefits card and a university/tafe student card. If you are unable to show your teacher a valid ID, you will be charged the full price for your class pass purchase. Please note that concession drop-in cannot be purchased online. This pass can be arranged at the studio.

Pre-Natal Yoga 6wk Course

Your participation in this 6wk course gives you 6 class credits. You can make-up one missed class in the following course, excluding week one.

Mums & Bubs Yoga 4wk Course

Your participation in this 4wk course gives you one class per week on Tuesdays. You can make up 1 missed class in the the following 4wk course. If your missed classes are not made up then, unfortunately you forfeit your class credit.

Unlimited monthly pass

For students on the unlimited monthly pass, please respect the our teachers and the other students at our studio by honouring your bookings. If several classes are cancelled or unattended, we will ask you to pay a casual attendance. We suggest booking in your class the day before to ensure you can make it. Your pass is only valid for you (no multiple users). Thank you for understanding and respecting our studio policy.

Privacy policy

The studio reserves the right to cancel and change teachers, events, classes and workshops, and will inform you accordingly.

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