Choose Your Animal is a high-quality, eco-fashion, active wear brand created to help the planet. The fabric is made from recycled and reclaimed plastic bottles, fishing nets, carpets, and textiles to reduce the pressure on landfill, the oceans and the environment. The designs feature animals that are at high-risk of threat to promote their conservation. 10% of proceeds are proudly donated to a small registered charity working for the specific animal’s protection and dignity. We stock and sell Choose Your Animal tights and board shorts at the studio in sizes XS, S, M and L. Practice yoga and wear your cause!
The Offspring Project is a non-profit organisation aims to help restore the lives of young women in Kolkata, India, who have been freed from the sex trafficking trade. These clutches are hand-made in fair trade conditions using recycled saris by these young women. ALL profits go directly back into Kolkata to help employ, educate and empower sex trafficked survivors.
The Rhythm Hut is a cornerstone of culture in Gosford, and a hidden gem of love and community on the Central Coast. They hold regular classes from drumming, to singing, to the didgeridoo, to sacred circles and live music acts and events from all around the world. We support The Rhythm Hut’s mission to foster and support music, art and culture on the Central Coast.
Freethinker Co. breaks the mould on common thinking by offering an alternative perspective. It offers a diverse collection of stories told by a team of international storytellers and shares the insights of everyday change-makers on its monthly podcast, Freethinking Conversations. Take your yoga practice off the mat and explore how you can put your yoga into practice.
We are honoured to support this toilet paper start-up, Who Gives A Crap. 100% recycled (so good for our planet), no chlorine, inks, dyes or scents (so good for you) and 50% of profits are donated to WaterAid Australia to build toilets and sanitation services for the 2.4 billion people across the world who don’t have access to a toilet (good for everyone). So next time your at the studio, help us wipe out poverty one roll at a time! So many toilet jokes but seriously, every roll helps and so can you. Head to Who Gives A Crap and send your batch straight to your home. They do paper towels and tissues as well.
Yoga for Connection, Community & Contribution
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