Private Yoga

We design and cater for your specific yoga needs and offer:

Corporate Yoga / Group Yoga

For workplaces, celebrations (birthdays, engagements, hens – you name it!) and regular group practice at your home, office or at our studio.

1 x 60 minute Group Yoga Session at our studio is $150 (up to 5 participants). It is an additional $25 per person for larger groups. For very large groups, special rates are available.

**Please note prices differ for off-location venues and are discussed individually.

Personalised Tuition

All our teachers are available for one-to-one tuition to help establish your home practice, to give you the confidence to join an open class, or to work on specific needs.

1 x 75 minute one-to-one yoga session at our studio is $85.
3 x 75 minute sessions is $225
5 x 75 minute sessions is $350
10 x 75 minute sessions is $600

**For small groups of 2 or 3 people, prices are amended. Please also note prices differ for off-location venues and are discussed individually.


Our teachers are available to teach at retreats locally on the Central Coast and further abroad.

3 Hour Holistic Preparation for Birth workshop

Couples are invited to explore the tools to manage an active labor and birth. You will explore how to manage the stages of labor through movement, breath, toning, massage, and birth positions. You will learn how to create a nurturing birthing space, how to stay connected and positive throughout the birthing journey, and learn what to expect during and after the birth of your beautiful baby.

Please contact the studio for more information on our specialised yoga offerings.

Yoga for Connection, Community & Contribution
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