Freethinker Co.

We are an initiative of the social enterprise Freethinker Co. that uses stories – conscious stories to be precise – to strengthen human connection.

Why? Well becuase…

From a story comes knowing… From knowing comes caring… From caring comes change

In the same way that yoga bridges the spaces between the mind, body and soul, stories told consciously dissolve the walls between ‘us’ and ‘them’, between you and I. They remind us of our humanness and allow us to see that we are all entitled to the same rights and joys.

Directed by our studio owner Leah Davies, and supported by a team of international storytellers, Freethinker Co. is an example of taking yoga off the mat and integrating the philosophies of yoga into practice. Conversations and workshops by Freethinker Co. will be held at our studio. Keep an eye on our events page!

Freethinker Co. breaks the mould on common thinking. Come read our stories and listen to the Freethinking Conversations podcast.

Yoga for Connection, Community & Contribution
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