Ayurvedic Facial Massage
JULY 21ST, 12.30 – 2.30PM
Fee: $15
Teacher: Simone Lambert


Have you ever had a facial and had the experience go beyond just your skin feeling wonderful? Perhaps you felt the benefit from head to toe, or an unusually deep sense of relaxation. You might have even experienced a sense of inner peace and joy for no particular reason. But how could that be? Well, we know the face is well-supplied with nerves and pleasure centers, but with the wisdom from Ayurveda we can go further. Ayurveda, India’s ancient healing system, teaches that the body is covered with marma points (vital points linked to your chakras), a quarter of which are on the face. You could think of them as tiny eyes that “look around” and inform the body of what is needed to maintain health and wellbeing.

During this 2 hour class, Simone will combine her knowledge of these different systems and work specifically with the marma points of the face. You will learn about and personally experience a range of DoTerra Oils during this facial massage. Create a daily routine that boosts immunity and reduces toxicity to the body.

Meet Simone

Simone draws her teaching from her own personal practice, from her study of the yoga scriptures along with Ayurveda (the sister science to yoga) and from the guidance of her senior teachers. With the unfortunate western attitude toward yoga as exercise, people become blinded to the depth of the complex science. In yoga, we are working with many different energy systems and aim to bring them all into harmony.

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Yin Zone: Svadhyaya (Self Study)
JULY 29TH, 3.00 – 5.00PM
Fee: $40 ($35 concession). Limited to 10 students
Teacher: Lou Rubie


This month’s yin zone is about self study and reflection for personal growth.

“The witness is our ability to watch ourselves act and respond. It is this ability to watch that begins to bring healing to our lives.”

In the yogic life, ‘Self Study’ is called Svadhyaya. When faced with disharmony, our tendency is to blame what is outside of us and then justify what we are thinking or feeling. If we can be courageous enough to trace the disharmony back to ourselves, we can start to unpack ourselves and open up vast amount of freedom.

Our Yin practice is a perfect opportunity to practice self study; physically, mentally and emotionally. Our Yin poses are slow but challenging and this gives us a wonderful opportunity to observe and witness our reactions to this challenge. In this Yin zone we will meditate, practice a beautiful long Yin sequence and explore the yogic concept of Svadhyaya/Self Study.

“Know yourself so well that you will grow into your wholeness and greatness.”

Meet Lou

Lou has a BSc in Psychology and has been practicing yoga for 20 or so years. “I have a passion for yoga, meditation, psychology and philosophy; my studies will never be complete.” Lou has trained with the Byron Yoga Centre in Purna/Hatha yoga, Rainbow Kids Yoga, Sarah Powers Insight Yoga (yin and meditation) and Maria Kirsten (Remedial Yoga) and the journey continues. Lou is English born but has now spent half of her life in England and half in Australia. She has 2 teenagers who are the light of her life, she loves nature, laughter and sharing a positive energy with all beings.

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Ashtanga Vinyasa Workshop: Moving with Lightness through Transitions
AUGUST 5TH, 2.00 – 4.00PM
Fee: $40
Teacher: Anna Martin


The Ashtanga Yoga sequence is the original form of the modern Vinyasa Yoga or Vinyasa Flow we know today. It is a systematic journey through specific poses that integrate an elemental framework. The elements that provide the framework for the experience of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga are: vinyasa/breath, bandha, dristhi, and asana. It’s one thing to know what these words mean, and another to have an experience of them. Join me for a monthly workshop to journey through the elements of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga – the Primary Series.

During this August workshop, we will focus on stepping back/stepping through – Moving with Lightness through Transitions.

Meet Anna

After being inspired by the amazing physical benefits of practicing yoga, Anna decided to take a leap of faith and travel to Thailand for a month of total immersion into all things Yoga through her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) with AllYoga Thailand. She wanted a deeper understanding of Yoga beyond the physical asanas. Anna received so much more during her training and she can only describe it as a gift. Since her first training she has gone onto complete two 300 hour Advanced Teacher Trainings, one in Fluid Vinyasa and the other YinYasa. She has completed a 50 hour YTT in Yin and has assisted 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training. With regular pranayama and meditation practice Anna has experienced a level of wellbeing and connection she never thought possible and she wants everyone to feel the same way. Anna studied a Bachelors Degree in Human Movement (anatomy, physiology, biomechanics). Her teaching has a strong base in anatomical and physiological alignment and adjustment, she is fascinated by the miracle that is the human body. Anna wants to share her passion for yoga and living with everyone. When you don’t see her in the studio on her mat, you will find her playing with inversions or out on her surfboard riding the natural energy of Mother Nature.

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Yin Zone: The Way of the Heart
AUGUST 26TH, 3.00 – 5.00PM
Fee: $40 (limited to 10 students)
Teacher: Polly Wilson


The heart chakra (Anahata) is our energetic centre of love, compassion, connection, warmth and joy, and is located at the centre of the chest. Connecting with Anahata through intelligent yoga sequencing can give you an embodied experience of opening to love. When we are comfortable with our true selves and move from a space of self-love and compassion, it has a knock-on effect into our relationships with others as those around you feel your love and warmth.

During this 2 hour Yin Zone with Polly, you will be introduced to:

* Philosophy and psychology related to Heart chakra energy
* Yin Yoga poses to activate the heart chakra and stimulate the Traditional Chinese Medicine heart and lung meridians
* Physically opening up the chest, shoulder and mid to upper back areas of the body
* Pranayama and Meditation to direct your Heart chakra energy through breath and awareness

Meet Polly

This amazing practice called Yoga helped to dig Polly out of the depths of a lifelong anxiety disorder, mild depression and low self worth. Yoga brought her back to herself with a new sense of freedom and peace she didn’t know possible. Polly is passionate about creating a nurturing space for others to heal and discover more about their own true nature. She is dedicated to her own continual practice as well as professional development and has a Certificate in Holistic Counselling (The Awakening Group), 500 hour Advanced Teacher Training from the Byron Yoga Centre, 30 Hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Jo Phee, 100 hour Embodied Mindfulness Teacher Training with Tina Nance, 30 hrs of Yoga Psychology online training with Ashley Turner and is currently studying Yoga Therapy with Adore Yoga. Polly is particularly interested in empowering women along their spiritual journey.

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