Yin Zone: Contentment (Santosha)
JANUARY 27TH, 3.00PM – 5.00PM
Teacher: Polly Wilson
Fee: $40


When we welcome in the New Year in our self-improvement focused society, there can be a tendency to feel like we are lacking; that we won’t be complete unless we stick to our New Year’s resolution. Whether that be to lose weight, to save money, to buy this, to do that. This kind of focus and thinking can make us feel like we are never content, and never enough. This beautiful Sanskrit word Santosha, means just that – CONTENTMENT, and is one of the Niyamas in Patanjali’s eight-limbed path of Yoga. Yoga asks of us to find contentment in any situation – whether it’s cold and rainy or sunny and warm, whether we are healthy or ill, tired or vibrant, whether we are in a sad situation or a happy one. It’s not that we deny anything and push it away, nor that we don’t care. It’s that we learn to start to recognise that it’s the mind creating the suffering and the upsets, and it is love in our hearts that enables us to come into any situation free from drama and reactivity and create change from that space. The element of Fire is at its peak in Summer, so in this two hour Yin Zone, Polly will guide you through a practice focusing on the heart and the heart and lung meridian lines to bring you into a space of cool, calm and content! This practice will include: Yin postures, pranayama, meditation and relaxation. 
Meet Polly
This amazing practice called Yoga helped to dig Polly out of the depths of a lifelong anxiety disorder, mild depression and low self worth. Yoga brought her back to herself with a new sense of freedom and peace she didn’t know possible. Polly is passionate about creating a nurturing space for others to heal and discover more about their own true nature. She is dedicated to her own continual practice as well as professional development and has a Certificate in Holistic Counselling (The Awakening Group), 500 hour Advanced Teacher Training from the Byron Yoga Centre, 30 Hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Jo Phee, 100 hour Embodied Mindfulness Teacher Training with Tina Nance, 30 hrs of Yoga Psychology online training with Ashley Turner and is currently studying Yoga Therapy with Adore Yoga. Polly is particularly interested in empowering women along their spiritual journey

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Pop Up: A Taste of Balinese Yoga
FEBRUARY 16TH, 10.30AM – 11.45AM
Teacher: Nicole Turner-Butler
Fee: $20


This 75 minute pop up class is an opportunity to immerse in an experience of Balinese yoga as taught by Guru Made Sumantra (GMS) as received from RSI Markandaya*. GMS teaches that yoga is a life practice that brings happiness. This yoga is a ‘smile in your heart’ experience and it is with a joyful heart that Nicole will share these teachings with you. The class is suitable for the beginner through to the more experienced practitioner of yoga and will focus on Hatha practices that train us to unite, awaken and harmonise Surya (sun) energy and Chakra energy (our energy centres). Balinese Yoga is an intuitive practice that honours your current conditions and provides many immediate benefits to the body, mind and soul. GMS sees it as the dance of body movement which is harmoniously united with breath as we connect to our true self. Nicole will provide you with the guidance, motivation and understanding of a gentle but powerful Balinese yoga practice. She will teach Hatha Yoga by emphasising posture (asana), breathing (pranayama), visualisation, and integrative relaxation. The result? A self that is in a comfortable relationship with one and all! You won’t want to miss this delicious, nurturing immersion from the Island of Gods!!

(*an ancient Rishi (sage) from the Hindu tradition who helped bring spirituality and peace to Bali and spread the theory of yoga in the 2nd century AD).
Meet Nicole
Nicole is passionate about joyful yoga. Her style, ’Namaste Yoga’, is gentle, nurturing and nourishing, preparing the way for students to receive a unique, powerful and healing yoga. Nicole’s practice and teachings are built on the philosophy that nurturing self is essential and ensures great strength of body and mind, creating a resilient YOU. She facilitates a yoga experience suitable for ‘every-body,’ offering gentle and stronger options as she injects her own special brand of love and care into everything she teaches. Nicole began studying with Clive Salzer in 1996. Clive mentored and encouraged Nicole and she is forever grateful to him for his teachings and that he saw in her the potential to teach yoga. The journey deepened significantly when she began her Yogic Studies in the Satyananda tradition in 2002. The next step was Yoga Teacher Training at Byron Yoga Centre (Purna Yoga) in January 2010. Her first yoga class was inherited from Clive Salzer in Ettalong, February 2010, and she has been teaching locally ever since with a loyal following of students.

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