Yin Zone: Cultivating Contentment
Fee: $40 ($35 concession)
Teacher: Lou Rubie


Santosha is the second of the Niyamas (the yogic guidelines for personal conduct). Santosha is the active practice of accepting the way things are. To accept life as it is rather than as you think it should be. To be happy with what is.

Whilst the translation of santosha (cultivating contentment) is a simple one to grasp, the practice of santosha is a challenge for many us in today’s world.

“Contentment means to just be as we are without going to outside things for our happiness.” ~ Sri Swami Satchidananda

In this Yin Zone we will explore the concept of Santosha and practice some techniques for developing Santosha on a daily basis as we move through our meditation and Yin poses.

Join Lou Rubie for this 2 hour Yin Zone session.

Meet Lou

Lou has a BSc in Psychology and has been practicing yoga for 20 or so years. “I have a passion for yoga, meditation, psychology and philosophy; my studies will never be complete.” Lou has trained with the Byron Yoga Centre in Purna/Hatha yoga, Rainbow Kids Yoga, Sarah Powers Insight Yoga (yin and meditation) and Maria Kirsten (Remedial Yoga) and the journey continues. Lou is English born but has now spent half of her life in England and half in Australia. She has 2 teenagers who are the light of her life, she loves nature, laughter and sharing a positive energy with all beings.

Join Lou Rubie for this 2 hour Yin Zone session

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Journey to Advanced Hatha Workshop


Fee: $40 ($35 concession)
Teacher: Phiona Voyazis


This hatha workshop is an introduction to cultivating an advanced asana practice including arm stands, inversions and challenging balance postures. During the two hours, you will guided by Phee to ensure correct alignment and deep somatic (body) connection. The aim is to open the door to your physical and mental potential by increasing your flexibility, challenging your strength and bringing conscious awareness to the places in your body where limitations are met, accepted, breathed through, embraced and eventually shifted. This workshop is suitable for yogis with an intermediate level of asana practice and for yoga teachers of all hatha traditions that wish to go to a new and exciting place with their physical and mental practice.

Meet Phee

In 2006, Phee completed her Bikram’s teacher training in Los Angeles and went on to teach at her home studio in Brookvale under the guidance of her beloved teacher and mentor Jodie Petersen. Phee has been teaching Bikram’s and Hatha Yoga for 11 years. Her teaching and personal practice centre on somatic observation in which focusing on the physical sensations of the body during asana creates states of deep meditation that transcend the limitations of everyday consciousness. Phee encourages students to surrender their minds to the observation and acceptance of the here and now without judgement or self-criticism; to focus and rejoice in the feelings of physical manifestation such as muscles stretching and contracting, the heart beating and the lungs filling and emptying. Phee is a two time Australian asana champion and has represented Australia three times in world asana championships. She has been teaching advanced asana postures for many years, has coached people for asana championships and has a strong technical understanding of asana techniques and alignment.

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Ashtanga Workshop


SUNDAY April 1ST, 2-4PM
Fee: $35 ($30 concession)
Teacher: Mardi Bell


Love your Ashtanga Yoga practice, but don’t know the entire Primary Sequence? Join Mardi Bell (senior Ashtanga teacher) and be guided through the full sequence of asanas from standing to seated to finishing in this led class. Each posture will be taught to you with instruction of correct alignment and modifications.

This class is open to newbies to Ashtanga and long time veterans of the practice. Learn the correct sequence, breathing technique (pranayama), gaze (dristi) and lock (bandha). The Ashtanga system is dynamic, and synchronises the breath with movement to produce an internal heat, which is designed to purify your body, mind and spirit.

In the words of K. Pattabhi Jois, Ashtanga’s founding father, “Practice and all is coming!”

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Limited spots. Bookings essential
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