Sunday Yin Zone: Mindfulness


Fee: $40 ($35 concession)
Teacher: Suzi Cutcliffe


What is Mindfulness?

“The quality of consciousness or awareness that arises through intentionally attending to present moment experience in a non judgemental and accepting way…” – Kabat-Zinn.

Yin yoga offers a fantastic opportunity to explore and experience mindfulness. Sitting calmly as an observer of the felt experience moment to moment is a skill that strengthens as we practice more regularly. Just as we need to train to be at our physical peak with regular mindfulness practice we train our mind to move towards our mental and spiritual peak.

Regular mindfulness practice helps us to reduce levels of anxiety and decrease harmful cortisol levels within our bodies. It is shown to support health by strengthening the nervous system, even preventing the expression of disease that we may already be genetically predisposed to. We will explore ways and opportunities to make regular mindfulness practices accessible. No previous yoga or meditation experience required.

Join Suzi Cutcliffe for this 2 hour Yin Zone session and start or reenergise your mindfulness practice.

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga, as with all yoga, is a practice to enhance the health of our body and our mind, as well as working toward connecting each to the other. The postures in Yin are primarily floor based poses that are held for longer periods of time. Once a posture has been set up, finding stillness in a pose is a core element to Yin. Yin may be more sedentary in nature but this can be deceptive in terms of the physical, mental and emotional challenges it provides.

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Full Moon Workshop


FRIDAY December 1st, 6.45-8.15PM
Fee: $25
Teacher: Rut Frolich


You are naturally accelerated on a full moon. You are at your highest energy level.
The secretions in your body will be at their maximum. We invite you to come together this full moon.

With the guidance and support of teacher Rut Frohlich, you will practice Kundalini Yoga and meditation techniques to use the full moon energy to deeply consolidate your awareness, accelerate your healing and rejuvenation, and strengthen your ability to manifest what you desire.

Join us for this beautiful evening of full moon celebration!No yoga or meditation experience required. Wear comfortable clothing and come as you are.

Book here online. Tickets are $25. See you on the mat soon!

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Full Primary Series Ashtanga Practice


Fee: $35 ($30 concession)
Teacher: Mardi Bell


Love your Ashtanga Yoga practice, but don’t know the entire Primary Sequence? Join Mardi Bell (senior Ashtanga teacher) and be guided through the full sequence of asanas from standing to seated to finishing in this led class. Each posture will be taught to you with instruction of correct alignment and modifications.

This class is open to newbies to Ashtanga and long time veterans of the practice. Learn the correct sequence, breathing technique (pranayama), gaze (dristi) and lock (bandha). The Ashtanga system is dynamic, and synchronises the breath with movement to produce an internal heat, which is designed to purify your body, mind and spirit.

In the words of K. Pattabhi Jois, Ashtanga’s founding father, “Practice and all is coming!”

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Learn To Yoga Workshop


Fee: $45 ($40 concession)
Teacher: Leah DAvies


If you are brand newbie to yoga, or if it’s been some time between practices, or if you would like to go back to mastering the basics, this 2 hour workshop is for you. Yoga, by definition, means union and during this workshop, you will learn the tools and understanding to build a strong foundation for connection to your body, mind and soul through asanas (physical postures), meditation and setting a sankalpa (an intention). You will learn:

• Warm ups to open the body
• Correct alignment in foundational yoga postures
• How and when to use props
• Breathing techniques (pranayama) to create heat and clear the mind
• How to sit in stillness and be
• And the 8 limbs of yoga (how to take your yoga off the mat)

We will combine what you have learnt into a 30 minute class. This is when your practice will truly integrate, and then close with a short Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation).

Join us for this friendly, fun and relaxed workshop, which will leave you feeling confident about attending yoga classes.
Wear comfortable clothing. No equipment is required – everything is provided at our studio. Spots are limited to 12 people!

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Namaste & Aums




Kirtan: The Sound of Yoga


Fee: By cash donation
Teacher: Mardi Bell & David Orr


You are warmly invited to join us in an afternoon of sacred chanting of Mantras to uplift your soul, open your heart and bring you to bliss. Chanting sacred mantras concentrates the mind, thoughts subside, and we are left with an experience of true peace and joy. Neuroscience research has shown chanting enhances brain rejuvenation and relaxes the nervous system. Conducive to meditation, Kirtan harmonises the body, mind and spirit. Bring your friends and family, any instruments you play and your voice.

Your donation

All funds raised will go towards Musicians Making A Difference (MMAD) Inc.

MMAD is an Australian charity that exists to change young lives through music. MMAD uses the power of music, dance and mentoring to inspire young people to make their lives remarkable. They provide creative support to young people, (especially those who have suffered emotional abuse, neglect and disadvantage) in overcoming challenges such as homelessness, destructive patterns of behaviour, exclusion from school, family breakdown, drug and alcohol dependency, unemployment and reoffending.

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Namaste & Aums



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