Yin Zone: Embodying Water
Fee: $40 (limited to 10 students)
Teacher: Jeannie Parker


The elements of nature affects our physical and emotional wellbeing throughout the year. During winter, and even the tail end of, we are in the element of water. Water rules our bladder and kidney meridians in the body. It is responsible for storing and excreting the urinary waste fluids passed down from the kidneys. As an organ, the bladder has only this one function. However, as an energy system, the bladder channel is intimately related to the autonomous nervous system.

In the pressures of modern life, many people suffer an overly-activated sympathetic nervous system, causing a constant state of apprehension, fear or worse. This can be accompanied by tension and pain along the spine and its periphery. Over time, it crystallises into a fixed pattern of fear, which can manifest as bad health. Back tension and pain can be relieved by stimulating the energy flow along the spinal branches of the bladder meridian. Such stimulation induces total relaxation by switching the autonomous nervous system over to the restful, restorative parasympathetic mode.

During this 2 hour Yin Zone with Jeannie you will be introduced to:

* Philosophy and psychology related to Yin yoga
* Yin Yoga poses to nourish and stimulate the Traditional Chinese Medicine Bladder and Kidney Medirians
* Physically opening up the back the neck, spine, hip and back of the leg areas of the body
* Pranayama and meditation to direct your Water energy through breath and awareness
* Contemplation, calmness, accepting, forgiving and observation

Meet Jeannie

Jeannie’s yoga practice began growing up in the foothills of Byron Bay. Here she also trained in classical and contemporary ballet. Finding a passion for music later she became an electronic music producer and D.J, founding her own record label. This took her on many travels around the globe, sharing her love for music and dance and helping many others to fall in love with movement through music. Jeannie was blessed with a pathway to yoga teaching training through an internship with Sandy Delgado (Savvy Soul Yoga U.S.A) and Samantha Bijok at Austral Yoga. Samantha and Jeannie are sisters and it was because of her constant love and encouragement that she finally came back to yoga and now to teach others this way of healing. Jeannie teaches Vinyasa Flow, Vinyasa Power, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra and meditation, using music and mantras as sound therapy throughout class. Focusing on breath, creating freedom through movement, restoring strength and flexibility, Jeannie’s intention is to help others find peace, internal strength and wellbeing … with a dash of music and a whole lot of Aum!

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Ashtanga Workshop: Inner Alignment (Firing the Bandhas)
Fee: $40
Teacher: Anna Martin


The Ashtanga Yoga sequence is the original form of the modern Vinyasa Yoga or Vinyasa Flow we know today. It is a systematic journey through specific poses that integrate an elemental framework. The elements that provide the framework for the experience of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga are: vinyasa/breath, bandha, dristhi, and asana. It’s one thing to know what these words mean, and another to have an experience of them. Join Anna this month to journey through the elements of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga – the Primary Series.

During this October workshop, we will focus on: Inner Alignment – Firing the Bandhas in the Standing Sequence.

Meet Anna

After being inspired by the amazing physical benefits of practicing yoga, Anna decided to take a leap of faith and travel to Thailand for a month of total immersion into all things Yoga through her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) with AllYoga Thailand. She wanted a deeper understanding of Yoga beyond the physical asanas. Anna received so much more during her training and she can only describe it as a gift. Since her first training she has gone onto complete two 300 hour Advanced Teacher Trainings, one in Fluid Vinyasa and the other YinYasa. She has completed a 50 hour YTT in Yin and has assisted 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training. With regular pranayama and meditation practice Anna has experienced a level of wellbeing and connection she never thought possible and she wants everyone to feel the same way. Anna studied a Bachelors Degree in Human Movement (anatomy, physiology, biomechanics). Her teaching has a strong base in anatomical and physiological alignment and adjustment, she is fascinated by the miracle that is the human body. Anna wants to share her passion for yoga and living with everyone. When you don’t see her in the studio on her mat, you will find her playing with inversions or out on her surfboard riding the natural energy of Mother Nature..

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Kids Yoga & Craft Workshop
Age: 5-12 years
Fee: $40
Teacher: Kathryn Stoneman


This is a special and unique workshop where children aged 5-12 years will take part in 45 minute yoga session followed by an hour creating nature wind chimes! This will be a fun filled workshop and a great introduction to yoga and all the kids will go home with their amazing handmade wind chimes to place in their rooms.

Meet Kathryn

Kathryn is a professional trained kids’ yoga teacher who has taught yoga and mindfulness to hundreds of children across the Central Coast. She is filled with joy everyday because of the positive changes her classes have already made in children and their families here in our community. Kathryn established Bearfoot Yoga in 2016 after recognising a great need for a non-competitive wellness program, which would benefit the whole child – physically, mentally and emotionally. This led her to discovering her passion, which is delivering the highest quality kid’s yoga and mindfulness classes that will have a lasting impact on children’s lives. She looks forward to welcoming your Yoga Bear to the Bearfoot Yoga family!

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Masterclass: Breath & Balance
Fee: $40
Teacher: Isabel Ball


Not finding quite enough time in class to practice or learn Arm Balances properly? Or got the basics down and want to take it to the next level? Come deepen your practice and knowledge with this Breathe and Balance Masterclass.

Balances encourage you to focus and to ground, helping to improve your concentration but also your awareness of yourself as you learn how to balance your body on its opposite ends. Invigorating and playful, in this Masterclass we’ll flow between balances, finding stillness after a build up of asana postures, boosting the flow of Prana throughout the body and giving special attention to the Manipura and Ajna Chakras.

An extended Pranayama practice at the beginning will teach you to harness the power of the breathe within your body, and deepen your understanding of Prana on and off the mat. You’ll leave feeling focused, centred and powerful!

Meet Isabel

Isabel has been practising and studying yoga for 7 years. She’s a globe trotter and competed her Hatha Vinyasa training in India. Her teaching style harbours both tradition and free flow while integrating philosophy and pranayama into each class. Seeking to help others thrive by nurturing body, mind and soul with yoga, Isabel’s intention is for you to step off the mat feeling nourished, refreshed and balanced. Passionate about the great outdoors and connecting to nature, when Isabel is not on the mat, she can be found outside immersing herself in Gaia’s gifts, expressing herself creatively through painting and music, or travelling to new places off the beaten track. Always learning, always growing, Isabel understands that the journey is never complete. Isabel leads our two hour masterclass with Dini each month on a different topic to guide students to take their practice deeper.

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