This Prenatal Yoga 6wk Course runs from from Wednesday April 24th – Wednesday May 29th at 7.00pm – 8.15pm with Leah Davies
The next course runs from Wednesday June 5th – Wednesday July 10th at 7.00pm – 8.15pm
6wk course is $132
Drop-in is $25
Classes are limited to 12 expecting mums.

Pre-Natal Yoga is a holistic approach to your pregnancy and journey to birth. You will learn yoga practices including postures, breathing and relaxation techniques to help increase your awareness, strength and trust in your self and your body to nourish and birth your baby.

Our classes are an opportunity to empower yourself towards an instinctive and calm approach to your pregnancy and birth. This course is suitable for mums-to-be who are at least 12 weeks pregnant.

You can make up 1 missed class in the following 6wk course.

No yoga experience is necessary and all equipment, including mats, are provided at the studio. Drop-ins are more than welcome. Please book your mat online to secure your spot.

You will also receive gift pack and resource guide to support you on your journey as part of this course.

See terms and conditions here.

This Mums & Bubs 4wk Course runs from Tuesday May 7th – Tuesday May 28th at 11.30am – 12.30pm
The next course runs from Tuesday June 4th – Tuesday June 25th at 11.30am – 12.30pm
4wk course is $70
Drop-in is $20
Teacher: Samie Joy
This class is limited to 10 mums and their bubs.

This 4 week course is suitable for new mums who are at least 6 week postpartum (8 weeks if Cesarian birth) and babies who are pre-crawlers.

Your body, mind, emotions and spirit have undergone tremendous challenges and changes while birthing your baby and becoming a new mum. This course focuses on yoga postures specifically designed for the postnatal months by helping new mums regain strength while toning in a safe and effective way. You will also learn breathing and meditation methods to calm your mind.These classes are a great opportunity to introduce your baby to yoga, promote parent and baby bonding, and share time with other new mums.

Invite your mummy friends and make a weekly date of it! No yoga experience is necessary and all equipment, including mats, are provided at the studio. Drop-ins are more than welcome.

You can make up 1 missed class in the following 4 week course.

**Note: Our studio is small (for good reason!) and is therefore limited on space. Please leave the pram in the car and use your baby carrier to come to class.

See terms and conditions here.

This Meditation 6wk Course runs from Thursday April 11th – Thursday May 16th at 6.30am – 7.30am
All studio class passes can be used to attend this course.
Drop-ins are welcome.
Teacher: Angie Chew

Are you looking for the next piece of the puzzle towards greater freedom and happiness? Interested to learn meditation that you can actually apply to help you in real life? Curious to find out more?

This course supports you:

* with life tools to establish more ‘flow’ in your experience of life
* to establish the discipline of a meditation practice
* to learn to be the ‘watcher’ in your life
* with ways of recognising the wins and challenges when understanding yourself
* with opportunities to create greater freedom and happiness in your day-to-day life

The majority of funds raised from this course will be donated to the charity Australasianedu-care.

The 6 week course outline includes:

Week 1: Concentration
Week 2 : Discipline
Week 3: The Watcher
Week 4: Attention and Attitude
Week 5: Discernment
Week 6: The Sacred


Yoga for Connection, Community & Contribution
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